Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Week Essentials

 Fashion Week has officially begun in New York. As the first day has come and gone I thought Id post a few of my beauty essentials that will help get me through the chaos. Between running from show to show and the endless nights its enough to drive anyone to a complete beauty meltdown.

here I've listed just a few of my essentials:

1. After cutting my hair off its been super easy to let it air dry, and then I use this Bumble and Bumble cream to help enhance my natural waves. 

2. lately I've been opting out of regular foundation and using BB cream. (although I guess everyone been using BB cream now.) I've tried a couple and I seem to have fallen for the Smashbox version.

3. Laura Mercier makes a great multitasking eye color and primer. Its such a great versatile product and makes me look like I'm wide awake. (when really I've had maybe 4 hours of sleep.)

4. This is the absolute must have. for the few hours of sleep I do actually get, I can kill two birds with one stone with Origins Night-A-Mins. This moisturizer works while you sleep and when you wake up you look fresh and glowing.

5. I am a sucker for a red lip and I love Nars in Dragon Girl. Matte lipstick is perfect because it really lasts for a long time and when does any girl have time to reapply during Fashion week?? (I'm kind of kidding)

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