Saturday, February 9, 2013

In A Dream With Monika Chiang

The details in the coats were impeccable, I over heard someone say "this is exactly the coat I've been looking for"
leather pants have become huge in the last couple of seasons but I love the wide leg trouser version she did , these will definitely be on my fall wishlist and I think everyone should invest in a pair.

The nail art trend is here to stay for quite a bit. I absolutely loved the red with gold sparkles it fit so well with the entire look. 

Monika Chiang's Fall 2013 collection was created by her reoccurring dream she was flying. This presentation did exactly what she envisioned. Basically if you could dream up a look with leather, sheer and gold accents this collection is it. There were so many pieces I couldn't take my eyes off of but the accessories are what made an everlasting impression. Between the gold chokers and the huge bird statement necklace I was in heaven. 

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