Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lip Service

Thanks to Giorgio Armani's new lip maestro I will probably have to pack my lunch for the rest of the month. There is nothing I love more than splurging on great lip color.I always felt it is one of the most important products to splurge on along with skincare. If you have a great skin all you need to do is add a little lipstick (or stain) and you look instantly put together. Even if you were out until 3 am and maybe got 3 hours of sleep so you can still make you 6 am work out. (it happens)

Armani's new line called lip maestro is a lip stain with a velvety texture. I have to say I love my share of lipsticks, but lip stains have never really been a fan of mine.However this stain made it feel like a lipstick but it wears all day just like a stain.(done and done.) So far I have invested in #400 and #300 but I'm already lusting after the berry (which has been sold out in most of the Sephora locations). These are one of those products that are going to keep flying of the shelves. I recommend the #400 for those who just want to try a basic red. 

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