Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Permanent Accessories

      I think it's safe to say that we all have our favorite accessories whether its our designer bag or shoes. But, what about the ones that our permanent? Like our tattoos?

        I decided since I post a lot about my outfits on here and include my accessories. I realized I never talked about the two little permanent ones that are always in my posts. Like most people with tattoos I'm sure you have a great story behind them (unless you had one too many tequila shots and woke up with a tribal tattoo on your face) here our the meanings behind my favorite accessories.

       The first tattoo I got was my little “E” on my right wrist.I always knew I would get this I just wasn't quite sure where or how I wanted it. My middle name is Elaine (this might help explain my blog name now) and It was passed Down from my grandmother whom I called meme Ethel I was so young when she passed away from a horrible disease called ALS. She was taken too soon from us but I always remember how kind and amazing she was as a person and I always like to think she's looking over me and guiding me. 

          People always say once you get your first tattoo you'll want another right away (I had a hard time believing this) but sure enough I got my second only a few months after. This was of my 2 music notes on top of my foot, that had not been thought out.There's some moments in life that seem almost magical as if your in a movie. That moment for me was a summer night I had spent with one of the loves of my life. We had a song together and as we sat in Washington sq park a man sitting on a bench next to us started to strum our song on his guitar and belt out the lyrics. There was just something about being in my favorite park, the warm summer night and that moment that I would carry with me even if we wouldn't be together anymore. For me I can look down and have it be a reminder that you have to cherish those moments and know they can happen. 

Iv'e already thought about getting a third one but I decided I want to wait and grow a little bit more and see what new adventures life takes me on first.

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