Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crop Out

                                            ( Top: ASTR Skirt: Joseph Shoes: Zara )

It currently might be 97 degrees and humid as hell but all I can think about is Fall. The clothes, fashion week, pumpkin spice lattes..and maybe the idea of not having your face melt off the moment you step one foot out the door.

    I've already started to shop pre fall and begun to incorporate some of the fall trends into my summer wardrobe. I was hesitant on the crop top trend but I love the idea of creating an ensemble with it. I purchased this crop at the Nordstrom Savvy department. This Joseph skirt is one of my favorite pieces I own I purchased it a couple years ago. This Fall its all about the full/a line cut. This particular skirt is no longer available, but I've done my homework for you and I found a couple great versions. Try this Robert Rodriguez or this Parker that's actually on sale!

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